Architecture v1: Aliens


These stairs in the Hawking Hills area of OH look like they were torn from a Dungeons and Dragons campaign or something, with their strong lines, needless curvature, and decorative obelisks. Mix that with the occasional missing tile to lend it a well preserved yet ancient feel, like it was left behind by some well meaning conspiracy theory.


This UFO moonlights as a ski lift in VT. Hey, aliens got mouths to feed too, and in this economy…


Seriously though, which of these alien landscapes does this most belong to? The obvious answer, is all of them. 60s modernism was made for the moon, and still looks like its itching to leave Earth.


One of the larger pieces of machinery I’ve seen laying about the eastern woods, I think this contraption is meant to drive the belts that power other machines, maybe from the first oil rush, maybe from logging. looking back, I could’ve spared a couple more moments to gawk at it, maybe see if there was any information stamped upon it. (I think this was sorta near Sheffield, PA, on or near the NCT. If anyone knows more or wants to go investigate.)


This is totally explainable by modern science, but when I came upon it there was a distinct otherworldly sense about an abandoned telephone pole in the woods. It having been reclaimed by nature and made into some raptor’s home amid a desolate field is just poetry.


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