Frequently I get asked, “How do you do this, like, financially?” and well…
I am primarily self funded, having scrimped and saved whilst working as a machinist. However I have to thank my friends and family for their support, without which I would’ve encountered much greater difficulties thus far, especially regarding logistics.

Amongst my family, thanks must first go to my parents Bruce and Stephanie, whom have mailed the bulk of my ration boxes, and planned vacations (plural) around meeting up with me. My sister Nicole, who lived in two places relatively close to the AT, and assisted me with multiple rations and gave me a place to stay while sick very early in the trip. My eldest sister Denise for having an amazing mental database of costs, and access to cheap bulk food.

Most notably among my friends is Philip “Nemo” Mestenhauser for walking the first 1000 miles with me and taking care of mailing early resupply boxes. Andrew “TK” Boraas for walking the Northern most 200 miles of the PCT with me and donating greatly to my ration reserves. Lastly to be named, Ashley Schillings, Lars Olsen, Julius Benson, and Nemo, (Once again) for taking a road trip out to walk around on a bridge with me.

Internet Tip Jar coming someday? (gotta get all these misc pages up before I start soliciting tips, even if it is just at the bottom of what will surely be one of the least read pages I write.)