Updated December 15th, 2016

Total Mileage:


Most mileage in a single day:
62, Jo-Mary Rd to Katahdin, and back to KSC. In ME
July 28 overnight to July 29, 2015
Closely Matched by
61, Junction Lake camp WA, south to Shrek’s Swamp in Cascade Locks, OR
September 6 overnight to September 7, 2016

Farthest North:
Monument 78, Northern Terminus of the PCT. In WA

Farthest East:
Mt. Katahdin, Northern Terminus of the AT. In ME

Farthest South:
However far south I am on the PCT, otherwise:
Springer Mt., Southern Terminus of the AT. In GA

Farthest West:
Random Point on the PCT, about 20 trail miles South of Seiad Valley, CA.

Highest Elevation:
Mt. Whitney summit, Highest point in the lower 48, Sequoia National Park and Inyo National Forest, CA
14,505 ft, (4421 m)

Lowest Elevation:
Badwater Basin, Death Valley National Park, CA
282 ft, (85 m) below sea level

Biggest Daily Vertical Gain

Biggest Daily Vertical Drop

Hottest Recorded Temp:
June 2016, North Dakota.
110°F / 43°C

Coldest Recorded Temp:
March 2016, Upper Peninsula of Michigan. (Taken inside Tent, so a conservative estimate)
-8°F / -22°C

Most Time Between Zero Days:
From the western ADK in NY, to Cincinnati OH.
68 days, 1600 miles (There were some nero days in there for sure, gotta resupply.)

Most Time Between Showers:
Uncertain, likely somewhere on the AT.
Probably in the 3 – 4 weeks, 300 – 400 mile range.