Boots on the Ground v2: Boots on the Snow

From the top of Mt. Wynne, only a few days ago. You can see Pinchot pass is pretty clear, but unfortunately the trail is enough of a rut that it has protected the snow, leading me to still be snowshoeing on about 4 to 6 inches of snow, when about half the surrounding ground is clear… that horizontal line of snow on the left about in the middle is the trail down.

A sign atop Donahue Pass on the south border of Yosemite NP, I don’t know how tall it is, but looking back to that last significant snowfall we’ve gotten a lot of melting don in the past couple weeks.

Right around shasta we got a little bit of snow, just enough to make climbing Shasta inadvisable. but in the following days I found quite a few tracks thru the remaining snow. this one seems to have stuck around a ways after the snow it was made in melted away. Such is the power of dirt.

Here’s my pruned foot, neither in a boot nor on snow.

Near Crater Lake I got my first snow of the PCT, and did a fair chunk of trudging. This was the second day of constant wet feet, and it shows a bit. Got to stop in at South Brown Mountain Shelter, build a fire and dry out. Some  of those divots didn’t really go away with the wetness though.


Boots on the Ground v1


The trusty first pair of boots, atop Mount Greylock. I got about 2300 miles on these, divided between 1700 on the AT and around 500 or so during the winter on the NCT.

Boots in the Air POV

The ill-fated second pair of boots, from atop a ski lift I climbed to watch the sun set over lake Champlain. These ones I wore long past broken and still only got about 1300 miles out of them…

Macomb Boots

Another of Boots Mk. II, this one is atop Macomb Mountain, Just a couple days into the NCT, and after quite a fight to schwak up Macomb the wrong way. Ill-advised perhaps, what it cut in distance it probably stole away in time. The whole side I went up was covered in dense pine thicket.


To add some recent flavor, here’s one of my feet and 4th pair of boots at the end of the NCT. My feet’ve performed admirably, and have seldom gotten much worse than this minor amount of damage shows. These boots have done similarly well, but they’re on the way out. (can’t replace your feet, yet…) With about 2300 miles on them in this picture, they won’t live to see the PNT.