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I’m gonna host a Reddit AmA today!

Link to the thread:


One thought on “Ask me anything

  1. Ser Lunning,

    I understand this message might take weeks to reach you, but I hope it finds you well and in good health. I just wanted to send my best wishes out to you. I can’t even imagine how hard this hike has been, but also how enlightening. As a fellow lover of European Middle Age culture, I find the inclusion of the sword to the journey actually very important. Just as each knight carried his sword as a symbol of strength and position, you carry yours as your anchor to your cause and reason. It is the physical representation (in my eyes) of grit as well as tenacity. I’m a year older than you evidently, and I am rather moved by your story and journey. Puts things into perspective for me. Young and working a low-income job as telecom tech, the dreariness of the day begins to really weigh on ones soul. Making one wish they could go on a grand adventure with a sword. Well Sir, you have done so. I am just disappointed that I couldn’t have joined you is all.

    God Speed and Good Fortune


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