First Post

Apologies for how rough this site is, getting it all set up in one day may have been a bit over my head for a first time.

I am hiking around the US, started in Georgia on Feb 12, 2015, since I have completed the Appalachian Trail and put some 2300 miles behind me. I intend to keep this blog up in order to keep in contact with some of those I’ve met on the way, and to share some of my experience as well. My plan is to walk until I run outta money, and here’s hoping that’ll be around the 15,000 mile mark. It might seem more than a little bit insane, but I’ve loved every minute of it thus far, so keep yourselves posted for updates!

Edit: Now that I have gotten it figured out a bit I am going to try and hold myself to weekly updates, so check back on Fridays!

Nemo and I walking through a recently burned area in VA.

Rescue looking pretty cold, just a little north of Damascus VA.

Nemo, Rescue, and I cowboy camping on some rocks near Erwin, TN.

Needless to say, I did pass.

Taking the first steps out of the Atlantic, towards the Pacific.

Bit of cloudscape at roughly the 100 mile point, Albert Mountain, NC.

Note the bag of trail mix balanced precariously on my neck.

Our first spot of snow, near Blue Mountain Shelter, in GA.

Atop the sign that marks the end of all things, *Ahem* the end of the AT.

My hosts at Upper Goose Pond Cabin, MA.

Interesting rock formation.